Flower Power

20 things I am considering now that I am 20. That was originally what this post was to be about but coming up with twenty things was a struggle, and of late I find many things laborious, even swatting mosquitoes off my arms. I just let them bite. I turned 20 about 2 months ago […]

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It’s 6:23 pm in Nairobi, and I am lucky to get a matatu at this time. I sit rather pleased, and so does Brian, a 24-year-old man, who drinks whisky when in good spirits and beer when he is sad (and broke). He thinks he is charismatic, unique, and a mama’s boy. Men usually are […]

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Taking sTOCK

November is upon us and I am still disillusioned. The year we hoped would come and redeem 2017 is coming to an end and i’m not sure I have something to show for it. I still am a chronic procrastinator holding the theory that when you procrastinate you are older and thus wiser. I will […]

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Organized confusion

My biggest fear is coming to pass. I’m becoming a creature of habit. I, the poster girl of spontaneity, who would wake up at odd hours to hunt down lyrics to a song that is stuck in my head just for the satisfaction of it. The fact that I had a class the next day […]

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Little Miss Overthinker.

Deidre Tata sits by the window every lecture to see cars passing by. The cars kind of remind her about the things that she let pass her by. Like a fleeting love interest that she can’t explain. Or how uncomfortable she feels when she doesn’t write after a day or two. The class ends and […]

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