A shorty: Strings to her heart.

It’s the perfect Wednesday afternoon, post class. The weather is fair, not even a cloud in the sky. “Hey Pete, are you leaving now?”, a voice behind me calls. I turn around abruptly. There stands a girl with caramel skin whom I instantly recognize from my sociology class. Munira. She has thick, natural hair and […]

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Find your Mariana.

Heck, it’s been ages. And ages teach lessons that no class ever could teach. That’s okay too. It’s funny how we pay to learn things we do not really need for life’s well being yet we tend to learn the most important things in a very hard way. This life is full of cracks and […]

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You’re still a rockstar.

Have you ever looked at your life and just, well laughed? Or a particular day that just fell apart from the moment you drop toothpaste off your toothbrush in the sink? And slip in the shower. Twice. Look for something to wear and finally found an outfit but you spilled your tea on it and […]

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Cheap thrills are a remedy.

“Money can’t buy the finest things in life”. This is one of the thoughts that linger in my mind often. I’ve just been sitting down many nights and letting various thoughts consume me. Often choosing to believe that it is a good thing to be so immersed in thought, but also a bad thing, who […]

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What is life really?

Dunia si ya mamako. This is a harsh reality I have come to realize. Yes we want to run around in rainbows and roll around in skittles till we die.(I wouldn’t really roll around in them I would eat all of them, call me Miss Piggy🐷). Life is a maze and there’s no map so […]

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A letter to my 19 year old self.

Letters have always tickled my fancy. Well, apart from visiting coffee shops, walks after it rains, Sunday afternoon siestas with the sun leaking gently through my sheer room blinds and waking up fully rested after the best dream. The best advice comes in letters. Letters from your parents. Letters to your love, to your sister […]

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These days, these days are not like days I’ve had before. They are strange, peculiar ones. Learning days. They are days that I derive joy from solitude. Days that my thoughts are louder than my words. The days my parents think I’m too quiet. I like these days, considering I’m a damn extrovert.( I just […]

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